Celebrity iCraze


    So, like, I totally, like, saw like, Paris with an iPhone this weekend. No but really, Holywood is diggin’ this new toy.
Wonder what other celebrities have snatched up Apple’s hot new gadget? Read on! Pictures, too!

Paris was totally spotted flashing her new iPhone while also sporting her…lime green cheeta print dress? “That’s Hot…” I guess….




Of course Lindsay HAD to have on also. With all that cocaine money she no longer spends after rehab, 600 dollars was a drop in the buck!


Pop Princess Madonna was spotted with an iPhone. In other news, she’s still an old hag.


Are those iPods or iPhones? Who knows. I wonder if they even know how to turn it on…




Finally, what would a Holywood iPhone gossip post be without a blinged out iPhone? Seriously people, a Swarovski Crystal iPhone? Yea, because I didn’t already have to sell my first born to afford one…



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  1. I am working on finishing up some celebrity haircuts. A critique would be awesome.

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