Manage your iPhone Web Apps


There’s beginning to be a wide variety of web apps for the iPhone. Cooking recipes, movie showtimes, gas prices, games, IM, you name it. Keeping track of them for later use…now that can be a problem.

Sure, sure…you can bookmark every single one of them and have this huge bookmark list filled with un-important nick nack applications. OR, you could bookmark an Application designed to…well…manage your other applications.

By browsing to on your iPhone, you can easily (with cookies enabled) browse through over a hundred applications, and more being updated daily, and save your favorite ones. Then, simply click on my favorites for a list. Don’t see one you like? No problem. There’s also a button for you to add your own Web App to the list.

Clicking on one of the apps opens it in a new window, and it should. Who would want to close this beautiful application manager? It even utilizes the iPhone’s finger flicking!

Add Your Favorite Apps

Know the address of an iPhone app or optimized website? Add it directly to this page by pressing the “+” button.

Browse a Full List of iPhone Apps

Press “all iphone apps” to view a full list of currently available iPhone apps or search for one. Then add the apps to your favorites directly from the apps list.

Add, Delete, Sort and Manage in “Edit Mode”

Once you’ve added some apps to this page, press the “Edit” button and drag-n-drop your apps into the order you desire. Press the “x” to delete the apps you don’t want anymore.

Important: Cookie-based

Your list of favorite apps is stored on your iPhone with a cookie. If you delete all of your cookies then your favorites list will be deleted as well. Keep this is mind.


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