Streaming Music on iPhone

musicnote It’s no secret that 4gb, or even 8gb, are nearly enough space to hold your entire music collection. Having to pick and choose which songs to sync can be a painful process. “Karma Kameleon” or “Safety Dance”… “Bye, Bye, Bye” or “Hit Me Baby One More Time.” Struggle no more with choosing which songs to sync! Now, you can stream virtually any song onto your iPhone, as long as you have an EDGE or WiFi connection. (Yes, EDGE is fast enough).


The secret is a cute little web app named SeeqPod. It’s in beta, but it works like a charm. Simply navigate to on your iPhone and begin searching for songs or artists.

It scurries the web and finds the file hosted on various websites, then provides a long (and sometimes jumbled) list of them for you. All you do is click on the song, and your iPhones quicktime player streams it for you instantly. Neat, huh?


3 Responses

  1. This is an incredible service. I can use it on pretty much any web enabled device!!

  2. It’s a great app! I was disappointed when I couldn’t stream RadioIO Rock (after a long day going through their stream URLs). But I actually like using this better. You might want to make sure it says instead of just seeqpod./ipod . I humored the article and tried it at first but then got smart and added the dot com.

  3. Love my iPhone and now Seeqpod. Everyone should know about this site!

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